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STAS cliprail max

Creative wall use

STAS products are designed in such a way that moving and replacing wall decorations does not take any effort. This makes them ideal for environments where decoration changes regularly, such as offices, galleries, hospitals, or schools. The products are easy to use without tools and walls remain spared, no matter how often your wall fixture changes.

Sustainable building management and cost savings

STAS products are a one-off investment for the long term. The neutrally designed systems are timeless and create calmness and overview. Because walls remain undamaged, wall maintenance or repair is no longer a cost item.

STAS knows best

STAS has been an expert in flexible hanging since 1995 and has already provided hundreds of companies and institutions with hanging systems. Our advice is free of obligation and if possible takes place on location. Our professionals know what to do with every wall and ceiling type.

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