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About STAS

STAS was founded in 1995 by brothers Rien and André Stas. With their experience in construction and an innate business instinct, they stormed the market. Since then, STAS has grown into an internationally operating and frequently awarded company. STAS supplies home owners, companies and renowned museums worldwide. Our dedicated team of experts makes every effort to provide high quality products and personal service. We would like to let you experience the freedom of dynamic wall decoration! The smart picture hanging solutions are often patented and STAS is awarded various prizes. We are not only successful in the Netherlands, we export worldwide to more than 50 countries!


Our goal is to supply hanging systems for the widest range of presentation needs. STAS innovates from the philosophy: a suitable solution for every situation.

The faces behind STAS

Rien Stas, a self-employed handyman, was asked to hang works of art early in the nineties. His research into existing picture hanging systems soon led to the conclusion that he could make a better design…
In 1995, Rien founded STAS picture hanging systems together with his brother André.

Rien concentrated on development and André was responsible for general management of the company. The range expanded rapidly and it was obvious that the company’s innovations in the area of picture hanging systems satisfied an unanswered need in the market as they were a resounding success from the very start! STAS innovates based on the following philosophy: a suitable solution for every application. Most of the company’s clever hanging systems are patented and STAS has won many awards with its designs. And we are not just successful in the Netherlands; we have made a name for ourselves all over the world and export to more than 50 countries! Today, with the help of its customers, STAS has grown into a substantial company. One thing is certain: we will continue to innovate in the years to come!


STAS awards

During the international exhibition for inventors in Geneva (Salon International des Inventions), STAS was awarded the gold medal for its SmartSpring hanging hook design.

In 2001, STAS cobra was voted a ‘Good Industrial Design’ in Amsterdam. The patented STAS minirail hanging system won the prestigious Best New Product Award for Decorative Accessories. This important award is for products in the interior design sector that set new standards in terms of good design, functionality and durability. STAS received this highly respected accolade at the designEX exhibition in Melbourne during the 21st award ceremony.

In addition, STAS’ range now includes more than 20 patented products. STAS is also working on new developments for the future and intends to vigorously defend its position as an innovative market leader in the years to come!

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

STAS originated from good ideas, ambition and an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. But STAS also originated from a drive to improve things. Such a drive can not be combined with business management that ignores social responsibility. Because a better world still starts with yourself.

From the very beginning of its existence, STAS considers corporate social responsibility to be of paramount importance. STAS expresses this in two ways. At product level, we invest in environmentally friendly solutions that reduce the company's ecological footprint. STAS uses two types of recycled aluminum for its products and is registered for LED certification.

In addition, people with a distance to the labor market at STAS get the opportunity to use their individual talents, contribute and to feel part of society.


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