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STAS offers an extensive and unusually clever range of patented hanging systems that can be attached to the wall or ceiling and, in some cases, equipped with 12 volt power supply wires. By choosing STAS’ revolutionary systems, you choose a hanging system that offers almost boundless possibilities.

You can hang paintings, postcards and posters in the blink of eye. Easy-slide light fittings can be clicked onto the rail in the position of your choice, so as to spotlight your wall decorations with LED or halogen lamps. But STAS can offer so much more! For example, STAS’ powerline system makes it possible to easily link digital panels and 12V LED televisions to the 12V hanging systems as well.

Using STAS’ products, you can create the longest wall socket in existence in your home, office or other space.


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  1. STAS lighting fixtures / light fittings

    The STAS armatures are available in different designs. The ‘sirius’ light fitting has lengths of 40, 50 and 65 cm. The ‘signo’ light fitting is curved and has a length of 70 cm. The STAS ‘classic’ lighting fixture is available in chrome as well as in white and in lengths of 50 and 70 cm. You can easily click all STAS light fittings anywhere you like on the rail, to spotlight your wall decorations with STAS LED or halogen lamps.
  2. STAS powerline 12V

    The STAS powerline 12V is a unique and attractive suspension system for the multirail that is equipped with two integrated 12V cables. STAS multirail systems are picture rails with integrated 12 V power supply wires (low voltage). Thanks to these wires, it is possible to click a light fixture into the rail at any spot to illuminate your wall decor.
  3. STAS decor-rail

    STAS decor-rail is a basic picture hanging system which can be almost completely hidden, using a cornice or a moulding. Hang your wall decorations safely, elegantly and flexibly using the STAS hanging systems. Thanks to the patented cobra you don’t need to slide the perlon cord, steel cable or rod through the rail; it can simply be hooked on wherever you choose.

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