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studio with suspended acoustic wall panels
Acoustic wall panels can greatly improve the acoustics in a room as they are sound absorbers. When we talk about acoustics then this certainly does not only apply to acoustics in, for example, a studio. Consider the acoustics in the office, at school, in your home, in a church, or in a restaurant. Normally, acoustic wall panels are attached to the wall, but did you know that these can also be hung on a picture hanging system? Read More
wall gallery

In an earlier blog post we showed you how easy it is to create a gallery wall. When you think of a gallery wall you may think of a wall filled with frames. But how cool would it be to add some other items?! Nowadays, a gallery wall does not have to consist of purely photographs and paintings. There are so many creative things to find that make it a fitting yet surprising whole. In addition, this gives even more possibilities to let your interior reflect your personality!

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shop window
The STAS u-rail has been specially developed to make a hanging system of a suspended ceiling, in a jiffy! The rail is mounted almost invisibly on the wooden side lath of the ceiling. However, what many people do not know is that the STAS u-rail also lends itself perfectly to shop windows! The STAS u-rail can be mounted almost invisibly against the top of a window frame and gives you the freedom to let your creativity run free and to complete your shop window as you wish. Read More
We like you too
And in the end, this is what we do it all for. Take a look at all the reviews and photos we received from our customers lately. Because ofcourse we can say that STAS picture hanging systems are really really good, but in the end our customers can do this só much better. Read More
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STAS papergrip

The STAS papergrip is an aluminum rail with a strip on the inside and is available in the colors aluminum, black structured lacquer, white structured lacquer and white smooth, and in the lengths 50cm / 19.7”, 100cm / 37.4”, 150 cm / 59” or 200cm / 78.7”.

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STAS d-ring hanger

STAS picture hanging systems carries a variety of hanging hardware designed to help you mount your frames, canvases and other items securely and elegantly. To shop a specific product, simply click the image or product name to go to its shopping page!

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