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STAS panel hooks

Partition wall hooks offer a solution when hanging objects on, for example, wall panels, partitions, doors and cornices. They can easily be combined with STAS cords with loop and a STAS zipper or STAS smartspring. This way you can create a complete hanging system in no time, but without using an aluminum rail.
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For almost every partition wall STAS has a hanging solution. The panel hooks are available in many different shapes and sizes. At STAS you will always find the right hook.
Is your desired type of panel hook not listed here, call STAS at +31 (0) 40 292 48 48, we will search for you!
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You can use partition wall hooks with the following combinations of hooks and cords:
STAS smartspring + perlon cord with loop: supports up to 4 kg
STAS zipper / zipper + security + perlon cord with loop: supports up to 15 kg
STAS zipper / zipper + security + steel cable with loop: supports up to 20 kg

The STAS partition wall hooks are available in various versions:
HW10300 panel hook white 11 mm
HW10400 panel hook white 16 mm
HW10600 panel hook white 18 mm
HW10500 panel hook white 21 mm
HW10700 panel hook white 26 mm
HW10800 panel hook white 31 mm
HW30700 panel hook alu interselect
HW30800 panel hook alu lux window frame
HW50100 panel hook transparent alcoa
HW30300 panel hook alu verwol type 1
HW30400 panel hook alu verwol type 2
HW30500 panel hook alu sepa normal
HW10200 moulding hook white
HW30200 moulding hook alu
HW60200 moulding hook gold
HW50400 panel hook askon chrome
HW50500 panel hook PR transparent
HW50600 panel hook maars

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